Speaking & Workshops

Deepa delivers keynotes and workshops on a wide range of topics related to design, branding and innovation (including social innovation).  She connects to both senior executives and entrepreneurs with a unique blend of data-driven, actionable frameworks and inspiring real-world examples and stories.

Speaking & Workshop Topics:
  • Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs 

  • Building World-Class Brands (Lessons from Global Leaders) 

  • Integrated Branding, Design and Communication

  • Design for Social Impact  

Workshop Exercises:
  • Mapping of Products and Personas to identify new business opportunities 

  • Creation of detailed consumer profilesto identify unmet needs/ form emotional connection 

  • Creation of detailed narratives (with 5 specific touchpoint to build brands/generate viral demand 

  • Guided design-thinking process to create design brief and new product concept

  • EMPOWER Framework for product/ service innovation

Key Takeaways:
  • How and why design drives corporate value 

  • The importance of design and narrative in brand building 

  • Understandingthe emotional connection different consumer groups are seeking 

  • Key strategies for generating viral demand 

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Consulting & Coaching

Consulting Services

Deepa provides consulting related to strategy, design and innovation for corporations, startups and nonprofits.  She helps clients identify and clear and unique market positioning, design language and ways to reinforce the client’s message across market and media channels.  With her extensive global network, she is often able to identify collaborations that can bolster the impact of new products and services.

ModRoof, one of the organizations Deepa has mentored, was recently honored with a Design Value award earlier this year.

Coaching Services

Deepa serves on several nonprofit boards and has mentored entrepreneurs and social innovators.  She was selected from over 16,000 candidates globally to be part of the 100 Coaches program created by Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s #1 Leadership coach.  She has also helped to identify candidates in the new 100 Coaches India program created by Goldsmith. Deepa completed her certification in Stakeholder Centered Coaching and can provide coaching services tailored to client’s needs.  


Deepa is currently working with Ram Iyer and Marshall Goldsmith on The Immigrant Mindset, a new book profiling successful immigrant professionals. She is helping them interview second-generation immigrants like herself and distill the essential elements of the mindset of successful individuals like Elon Musk, Sergey Brin and Satya Nadella. If you are a first or second-generation immigrant, reach out to her.

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Deepa is my definition of a

« discerning person ». She is distinguished in her way of thinking, being and relating to others; she knows what to focus on and what to gracefully leave aside. She is at the crossroads of influential thinking in management and entrepreneurial activism.  Deepa carries on the legacy of management free-thinkers, while being the natural connector to a more diverse, eager-to-learn upcoming generation of leaders.


— Laurent Choain, Chief People Officer, Mazars

"Deepa Prahalad is an engaging presenter who speaks passionately about the importance of design and narrative in forging an emotional connection with your company's customers. After her insightful talk at our research center, we were left with thought provoking concepts that helped shape our research agenda moving forward."


— Vijay Gurbaxani, director
of Center for Digital 
Transformation, The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine

“Deepa Prahalad provides leaders with a global, practical and inspiring set of ideas to address complex

social issues. She clearly connects global trends to opportunities for business to make an impact through

innovation and design.”


— Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach, author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

I have worked with Deepa to shape our strategy towards circular economy and she inspired our team with the model of how to identify those consumers’ needs and address the right solutions. She is very knowledgeable and a great speaker. We were so inspired that this project resulted in the creation of a book about gifting economy called Economia das Dádivas, launched in Brazil by Marina Pechlivanis.


— Gisele Gurgel, Business Insights Global Director, Tetrapak

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