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ImageExcited to be traveling to NYC later this month to attend the Annual Corporate Eco Forum gala. The winners of the 2012 CK Prahalad Global Sustainability Leadership Award will be presented then. Looking forward to meeting lots of inspiring people and learning about new approaches to sustainability and innovation.


India Trade Conference


Will be presenting at the 5th India Trade Conference in Cerritos on the opportunities and landscape for social innovators. Looking forward to a lively discussion with people from business and government.


CLO Summit India


I am really excited and honored to be part of the CLO Summit India, this time as a member of the Advisory Board. Last year, I delivered the first CK Prahalad Memorial Lecture on innovation and learning and had a chance to meet and interact with lots of amazing people from the Learning and Development community. I also did a launch of the Indian version of Predictable Magic and Mr. RK Krishna Kumar of the Tata Group came to release it. This year will be much bigger with several tracks. I will be posting updates as the program evolves. If you have a chance to attend, I highly recommend it.


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Profile in Tuck Today

ImageReconnected with my alma mater recently – they did a profile and an interview about Predictable Magic. Brought back a lot of fun memories of my time in Hanover!



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Challenge Future (March 2012)

ImageI had a wonderful time during my first visit to Slovenia to judge and present at the Challenge:Future Global student design competition. I came away totally inspired by the student projects and loved the IEDC Business School’s emphasis on art as a metaphor for corporate transformation. Yes, there is a full-time pianist on staff! Great job to all the Finalists – and best of luck to the winners Team Russia and Team Nigeria.

During my visit, I also had a chance to speak on a panel hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce – along with Joel Barker, Nathaniel Ware and others.

News Coverage in National Paper Delo:

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Thailand International Creative Economy Forum (TICEF) 2012 (add pictures)

ImageWas really excited to visit Thailand again after a long time and take part in the second Thailand International Creative Economy Forum. I spoke on the topic of “Building Value at the Bottom of the Pyramid” and was interviewed on Thai television as well. Met a lot of wonderful people from industry, the UN, and the social sector and gained a lot of food for thought about how design can drive the success of countries, not just companies. The food was amazing – the only disappointment was having no time to shop!



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Lapperanta University of Technology (Finland)

ImageI made my first visit to Finland to speak at the Lapperanta University of Technology (LUT), where I am ad Advisor. I loved the beautiful campus and delivered a keynote address to the community during an entrepreneurship seminar held there. Had a chance to spend quality time with the faculty the following day brainstorming ways to position the unique offerings of LUT. Was amazed at the hospitality here. Everyone jokes about how reserved Finns are, but I am looking forward to my next visit!


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Prahalad Initiative Projects – Ross Business School in Ann Arbor


Traveled back to the Ross Business School in Ann Arbor to see the first student presentations from the Prahalad Initiative. I was totally blown away by the analysis that was done, but also deeply touched by the extent to which the students connected with people on the ground. The balance of head and heart made each one memorable. Definitely missed my dad and know he would have been proud.

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THIS, Inc. (Member of Council)

ImageHad a chance to sit down and chat with Greg McKeown, Founder and CEO of THIS, Inc., a new firm merging design and strategy. Was delighted to become a member of the Council.


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Advisory Board, $300 House

ImageReally honored to become an Advisor the the $300 house project, a blog in HBR that has become a movement. In addition to merging my passion for India, design and the BOP, I will have a chance to work with many old friends and some I have admired from afar.


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Why the Bottom of the Pyramid Matters for Everyone

Day II at the 3rd Global Peter Drucker Forum on November 4th, 2011:
Deepa Prahalad (US) Strategy consultant; co-author with Ravi Sawhney of Predictable Magic: Unleash the Power of Design Strategy to Transform Your Business

The Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) approach first put forth by CK Prahalad almost a decade ago argues that modern MNCs have a critical role to play in resolving one of the biggest challenges of our time: converting the 4 billion poor around the world into a vibrant consumer market.
The argument was that for-profit enterprises could work where and charity and aid have failed because it provides a sustainable model for business in pace of traditional CSR activity. It also forces companies to pay attention to the needs and desire of the poor and innovative new products and services.
Many firms have taken up the challenge, and some have created new markets and scalable business models in the process. More important, the BOP is now seen as a place to create goods and services with global relevance because of its unique characteristics.
Even for businesses whose core consumers are outside the BOP, this market is important for learning about evolving patterns in innovation, collaboration and new business model creation.
Understanding the BOP and what it has to offer is more important than ever with income inequalities rising around the world and widespread introspection on the role of the corporation in society.

More information can be found at Drucker Forum

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The 4th Annual Peace and Commerce Summit Introduction

Professor Denise Dimon and Deepa Prahalad give opening remarks on the 4th Annual Summit on Peace and and Prosperity through Trade and Commerce at the University of San Diego.

Additional videos from this series can be found here .

This 4th Annual Summit on Peace and Prosperity Through Trade on Commerce at the University of San Diego offers tribute to the late C.K. Prahalad, who is considered one of the most influential thinkers on business strategy. His impact on
strategic thinking and practice was profound as he always pushed people and organizations to consider beyond “best practices” to “next practices.” Among his many contributions, Prahalad invited us to consider the role that business can play in helping alleviate poverty by incorporating lower income groups — the base of the pyramid — into the market system. This has appeal to both the business sector, which is always looking for new growth opportunities, as well as those interested in social change and concerned about the plight of the poor.

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